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Fusion™ Applications
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Laminated Impact Glass

Laminated safety glass made with Butacite® using DuPontTM technology polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer designed to meet small missile requirements.  It is a tough, resilient thermoplastic used as an interlayer in laminated safety glass.  Glass laminated with Butacite® can offer protection even after the glass is broken, because glass fragments adhere to the interlayer.


Laminated Sound Control Glass

TROSIFOL® SC is a PVB acoustic film that combines the sound insulating features of multiple glazing applications with traditional PVB film.  Laminated safety glass produced with TROSIFOL® SC offers an improvement of 5 dB in the sound insulation value as compared to float glass of the same thickness. TROSIFOL® SOUND CONTROL complies with the requirements of the Construction Product List for laminated safety glass and the “Technical rules for linearly mounted glazing” of the German Institute of Construction Engineering.


Laminated Recycled Interlayer Glass

Butacite® G is also available including in a vibrant palette of hues ranging from subtle highlights to vibrant tones. Other colors including soft or translucent white help control light transmission and privacy.  Butacite® G is made out of 100% recycled materials and contributes to the LEED Certification of you project.


Please consult JEB for Butacite® G colors.



12" x 12"


96" x 180"

(*Consult JEB for applicable maximum glass sizes)

PVB Laminated Glass Thickness


1/4" Laminated Glass

[1/8” – 0.030 PVB – 1/8”]



1-9/16" Laminated Glass

[3/4” – .090 PVB – 3/4”]*

*Please consult Customer Service for additional thicknesses at 856-456-7800.