When it comes to producing architectural glass, quality is key. That’s why providing the highest quality products to our customers is our number one priority. We use state-of-the-art products and machinery to achieve this goal.

Being ISO 9001 certified, the continuing evaluation and improvement of our quality and production processes will assure you the highest degree of confidence in our products.

“Our philosophy isn’t to simply manufacture more product. We are committed to making better products with shorter lead times in order to improve service and add value,” says Arthur Berkowitz, President of JE Berkowitz, LP.

Our Tempered Glass is certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council and meets the ANSI Z97.1 and ASTM 1048 Standards. It also meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standard 16CFR1201.

Our Insulating Glass is certified by the Insulating Glass Certification Council and Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association, and meets the ASTM E2190 Standards.

The Float Glass we use meets the ASTM C1036 standard. Our glass is fabricated to commercial quality standards and our commitment to quality is evident