Silk-Screened Glass

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JEB Enviroscreen™  
Silk-Screened Glass

Lead free colored ceramic frit enamel is applied by an automatic silk screen press system in a temperature and humidity controlled room and then fire-fused to the surface of the substrate glass in a horizontal oven at 1150°F to create a very durable and environmentally-safe Enviroscreen™ silk-screened panel.

  • Lead free - No disposal problems

  • Two standard colors

  • Three standard patterns: dots, lines and holes

  • Custom colors available 

    (contact Sales Department)

  • Custom patterns available 

    (contact Sales Department)

Standard Patterns

alt tag

1/8" dots staggered on 1/4" centers  (40% coverage of the substrate)

alt tag

1/8" lines on 1/4" centers (50% coverage of substrate)

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1/8" holes staggered on 1/4" centers (60% coverage of substrate)

Standard Colors

The two standard colors available for application onto the heat-treated glass substrate are as follows. Color chips are close as possible to actual colors. Actual production line samples are recommended for final color approval.   

Contact the sales department for additional information and custom colors.

alt tag

#106 White

alt tag

#109A Warm Grey

Recommended Sizing

(Based on glass thickness) 

Minimum Size Lites

12" x 12"

Maximum Size Lites

84" x 160"

Glass Types and Thickness

Available on 3/16" through 3/4" thick glass

Clear, tints, low-iron and some pyrolytic reflective surfaces.


Browse through our available shapes found within the Catalog of Cutting Patterns under Resources.