Spandrel Glass

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  • Non-Vision Areas Only

  • Applied to #2 Surface with Monolithic Glass

  • Applied to #4 or #3 Surface with an Insulating Glass Unit

  • Knee Walls

Spandrel - JEB Envirospan™ Lead-Free Ceramic Frit

Lead-free colored ceramic frit spandrel is applied with an on-line roller coater and fire-fused to the interior surface of the substrate glass (second surface) to create an environmentally safe Envirospan™ opaque panel.

  • Lead Free - No disposal problems

  • Five standard colors

  • Factory applied polyester backing available for fallout protection

Spandrel Colors

The five standard spandrel colors available for application onto 1/4" clear heat-treated glass are as follows.

NOTE: Color chips are close as possible to actual colors. Actual production line samples are recommended for final color approval.

Custom colors and tinted or low iron substrates are available upon request. 1/4" pyrolitic reflective glass is available in grey, bronze or blue with standard black frit on the #2 surface. Contact the sales department for additional details.

alt tag

#101 Black

alt tag

#106 White

alt tag

#109A Warm Grey

alt tag

#109B Subdued Grey

alt tag

#109C Medium Grey


Recommended Sizing

(Based on glass thickness)

Minimum Size Units 12" x 12"
Maximum Size Units 84" x 130"

(*Larger sizes may be available, consult a Customer Service Rep. for sizes over 84" x 130".)

Spandrel Shapes

See our pattern-cutting chart under Resources.


Standard edgework is seamed or swiped with a 120° belt.

Exposed Edges/Structural Glazing

One edge will have an approximate 1/8" cutback in the frit. This cutback may not be suitable in applications where the glass is not captured by the framing or part of the IG unit. Please advise at the time of order.